UK/NZ Nanny agency placing Nannies in London and the UK

Once you get settled in the UK, you can begin to explore all that this part of the world has to offer you, during your free time and holidays.  If you’re in London and already set-up, you can still take advantage of discount tickets on UK/EU trips, tours, parties, musicals, sports events and much more through companies such as Kiwis in London and Britbound!

And finally your connection with One World Nannies need not stop when your visa expires or you decide to leave the UK…….on this page are several photos of Nannies who have not just made friends for life though us, they have also met their husbands and become ”One World Brides” whilst on their OEs, leading to a new generation of ”One World Babies” as Nannies start becoming Mummies too!!




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