Nanny Testimonials

Our Nannies Recommend Us!

An unforgettable experience

Sue and Ruth made my working experience in London comfortable and one I’ll never forget. Sue supported me from the beginning and right through till the end. She made sure she fitted myself and my nanny family together by taking the time to get to know our personalities and interests. One World Nannies genuinely care for the well-being of their nannies and their families and I highly recommend them!


I loved working as a nanny in London…

I loved working as a nanny in London, it is so easy to get around, so many fun and exciting things for children to do and a great lifestyle as well. It’s super easy to make friends and there’s always new/different things/places to explore! One world nannies was the perfect agency for me as Sue is very hands on and only recommends you for jobs you would be suited to. I had a great relationship with my nanny family because Sue helped foster a perfect match.


A great experience

I had a great experience with One World Nannies. Sue and Ruth supported me in preparing for, then finding my perfect job, interviewing and negotiating a contract, and were always available to talk through any issues that came up. They were a great connection to have when arriving from New Zealand, not knowing anyone, or how the job market worked. The personal, friendly experience they provided was much appreciated. They were happy to connect me with other nannies in a similar situation. This contributed to my experience in London being so great, and I would recommend One World to anyone looking for a nannying job in London.


I have already recommended this agency to others

I was paired with two lovely families in a nanny share situation through the help of Sue and Ruth. They were based in central London, close to some of the cities most famous landmarks! These families were the perfect match for me and we are still in close contact after i returned home to NZ. Sue also supported me during my time as a nanny in London, and offered advice when needed when taking care of 2 challenging baby girls. I have already recommended this agency to others, and will continue to do so, you won’t find a better agency to go through!


I highly recommend the agency to other Nannies I meet

One World Nannies have been an excellent agency to work with! Sue and Ruth worked hard to ensure that both the family and myself matched well with each other before putting me forward- which worked out perfectly. I had an amazing opportunity to work in rural England for 2 years on my visa with the full support of the agency; I was contacted by Sue within a week of arriving to check in with how I was and if I needed anything, and eventually met Sue in London to discuss how the placement was going. It all went so well I was very saddened to leave! There was always opportunities to network with other Nannies throughout the country, especially in London. My experience with nannying overseas was greatly improved through working with One World and I highly recommend the agency to other Nannies I meet back here in NZ 


A smooth transition into London living

One World Nannies has been a large reason for my smooth transition into London living. I have had constant support since day one of getting in touch with Sue, throughout the recruitment process and now throughout the time I am working as a nanny here. I have felt very comfortable approaching Sue or Ruth if I’ve ever had any questions and they are always interested in how I am doing. Not only do they support the families and the nannies, but they also provide a wide range of ideas to do with the children, and also for nannies to do in their spare time, ways to meet new people and make the most of life in the UK 


In my opinion, the best nanny agency around!

I want to thank One World Nannies for the wonderful ongoing support they have given me this year. They helped me through the difficult battle I had with Ofstead to become registered, fighting daily battles for me! They are in contact regularly to check how I am, provide advice when I need it, and in my opinion are the best nanny agency around! I have an amazing job and perfect bosses that I will be so sad to leave when the time comes!


Very friendly, and really care about your needs and wants

I would highly recommend One World Nannies to others looking for a job. Sue and Ruth are very friendly and really care about your needs and wants. They call regularly to see how you are getting on and hand out really good advice when needed. They have manged to build a good base in London and are willing and able to find the right job for you!!


Thanks guys for all your hard work!

Sue and Ruth are absolutely amazing and I recommend One World to anyone I can. They work so hard to find you your perfect job and they never forget about you even after you have your job they are calling up to check up on you and have a good old chat. Thanks guys for all your hard work.


An agency that works hard to get to know their nannies

“We  had a wonderful experience with Sue and Ruth at One World Nannies. Right from the start they made the transition to London a breeze. Not only did their encouragement and welcoming selves put us at ease with the process – their dedication to making sure all our paper work was in place and that we had interviews set up was wonderful.
Both Ruth and Sue made the effort to get to know their nannies as individuals and we had many catch ups throughout the process.
We have been back in NZ for a while now but they make sure they check in with us and keep the relationship alive.  These ladies truly care about their nannies and go to extremes to make sure we are happy, content, have great jobs and even introduce us to other Nannies to socialise with.”

Jamie & Laye

My personal favourite!

After having tried multiple different nanny agencies, I found One World Nannies to be my personal favorite. I wasn’t just someone to get placed, but a person who wanted to find a loving family away from home. I found that instead of placing me with anyone they would find families where we would have similar mindset/ personality and goals.  I couldn’t have asked for a more supportive company to help me out while I was in London, whether I sort advice regarding work, or personal life. I really enjoyed working for Sue and Ruth, both very easy to contact and always got back to me promptly.  I appreciate all the help and support I received and couldn’t be more thankful for finding an agency that actually cares about you and the families you may work with.


3 great jobs in the 7 years I have been in the UK!

When I first moved to London from New Zealand , I tried many agencies and none were personal or cared. Then I found One World Nannies, Sue and Ruth were amazing . They cared and Sue rang me weekly to see how I was and found me interviews . Now 7 years later, they have found me 3 great jobs here in London and I haven’t yet left United Kingdom . Best Nanny agency I have found and thank you so much for everything.


I recommend all my friends and nannies to this agency

I have found Ruth and Sue at One World Nannies just fantastic to work through.

They have been so approachable and always had time for my numerous questions and concerns! They were great at helping me find my current nanny family and helped me in the whole settling into a new job and country. 🙂


In fact I recommend all my friends and nannies to this agency.